Why Americans are best husbands

American men have often been viewed as the best husbands by women across the world. There are thousands of international brides that come to the US every year.

American men are idealized the world over, and not without reason. Many women complain of being denied equal rights in their family and local society. They are subject to domestic abuse and alcoholism from men of their own race. Also, men in most countries across the globe hardly participate in household chores.

American men on the other hand are known to treat their wives like queens and do everything possible to keep them happy. They give women their due respect and the freedom to do things they want to do. Also, they are romantic and are known to pamper their wives a lot.Simple acts of affection such as hugging the wife upon returning from work and kissing her with affection is quite common. American husbands also participate equally in household work.

Most foreign wives to American men shared that their husbands treated them the way they deserved to be treated - like a life partner and not just a housekeeper.

Another reason why women love to be married to American men is because it gives them an opportunity to live in America. The USA is a land of opportunities and offers plenty of options to people to utilize their talents and make money.

Finally, most American men are tall, strong and handsome. Definitely a great bonus to their charming qualities!